Kandy King Mobile Barbecue Hire.

Our Mobile Barbecue Hire service can be tailored suit all requirements and to any taste or budget.
Packages include full buffet set up, required chefs and serving staff members up to 2 hours, at your Event. 
Everyone loves a BBQ. We cater for everything from 30 up to 2000 guest. 
We deliver and cook your Barbecue anywhere and anytime . 
We can supply all staff and equipment for your Mobile Barbecue Hire.
BBQ catering and event planning and great value and fun for all. 
Get in touch ideas for your special BBQ Events.

Barbecue catering and event planning and great value and fun for all. 
Get in touch ideas for your special BBQ Events.

BBQ Dorset BBQ Southamton

Mobile Barbecue Catering Menu

Included in your package:

Chicken breast or Chicken legs or Chicken wings or Chicken burgers 
Beef burgers Sausages Hotdog / Mini steaks or Ribs or Lamb cutlets
Chips or Jacket potato or Potato wedges Potato salad Corn on the Cob (Sweet corn)
Bread Tomato and red onion salad.

Included in your package: 

Vegetarian burgers
Vegetarian Chicken
Vegetarian Sausages
Chips or Jacket potato or Potato wedges Potato salad Corn on the Cob (Sweet corn)
Bread Tomato and red onion salad.

​2 x BBQ sauces along with other traditional condiments. 
Cutlery Plastic Knifes and forks plus paper plates provided. 
Service Up to a 2 hour service with staff serving. 

Buffet style service Cost of above Menu
Mobile Barbecue Hire 
30+ guests £16.00 
50+ guests £14.00 
75+ guests £12.00

Mobile Barbecue Hire BBQ Menu Options:

Doner kebabs & pitta bread Salad
Chicken doner kebabs & pitta bread Salad
Chicken kebabs & pitta bread Salad
Lamb Kebabs & pitta bread Salad
Chicken burgers
Beef Burgers
Vegetarian burgers
Vegetarian Chicken
Vegetarian Sausages
Butchers sausages
Beef burger
Mini steaks
Barbeque ribs
Lamb cutlets
Jacket potato
Potato wedges
Potato salad
Sweet corn
Bread Tomato and red onion salad

Vegetarian BBQ Options Available:

Vegetarian Burgers
Jacket potato
Potato wedges
Potato salad
Corn on the Cob
Mediterranean Vegetable & Haloumi kebabs
Stilton stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

BBQ Portsmouth BBQ London 


Hog Roast Hire Price:

100 to 2000 guests form £10.00

Perfect for events with a minimum of 100 guests, our succulent hogs are
slow roasted for 6 hours and served with spectacular crackling, homemade apple sauce, stuffing and breads.
Are chef will be on hand to oversee the cooking and carving and our popular hog roasts can be served alongside a
bbq hire or on their own to create a truly memorable catering experience for your event.
For smaller numbers we would recommend a lamb spit roast which would be cooked and carved by our chef and served with fresh mint sauce and bread.

Marquee Hire

Our marques range in size from small garden party marquees to lavish wedding marquees,
and can be arranged to suit any venue by adapting the marquee shape and size to meet your requirements.
Not only do we offer the best in marquee hire, we also provide marquee accessories as well as
fully licenced mobile bars with highly trained uniformed staff.
If you require any further information regarding our marquees or mobile bars or would like to arrange a
free site visit where we can discuss different marquee options and layouts, then
please contact our team who will be happy to help.

 Mobile Bar Hire

 Free mobile bar prices

- £ 25 per head for customers drinking cocktails, beer, wine, spirits/mixers

- £ 22 per head for customers drinking beer, wine and spirit/mixers

- £ 10 per head for customers drinking soft drinks

- £ 8 per head for children drinking soft drinks

This is based on a service of up to 5 hours.
Should you require our premium service please contact us 

Beer Dispenser Hire Price:
From £100.00 to £150.00
Beer keg hire from £80.00 to £250.00 88 pints
Wines dispenser hire / pinot grigio /  prosecco prodry /  monvin frizzante from £190.00  to £250.00

We even have heated mobile sinks hire available for hire to comply with
health and hygiene regulations if they're necessary for your event.

Cool boxes are always a handy addition to any outdoor event no need for electricity.

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